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STEPS IN BALLET combines three separate books by Thalia Mara in one volume:

FIRST STEPS IN BALLET ~ Basic Exercises At The Barre
takes the beginning student from the five positions of the feet through twelve elementary ballet exercises at the barre. Concepts of posture and movement are introduced which lay the basis for further dance training.

SECOND STEPS IN BALLET ~ Basic Center Exercises
introduces the concept of port de bras (movement of the arms), then progresses through the basic positions (direction) of the body and basic center exercises.

THIRD STEPS IN BALLET ~ Basic Allegro Steps
presents basic elevation and the connecting steps of ballet including jumping and turning. Ease, control, balletic form and strength development of the feet, legs and back are emphasized.

STEPS IN BALLET provides basic ballet guides for the beginning student. The text is simply and clearly written with correct ballet terms given in French including the phonetic pronunciation of each and their meanings. Each exercise is clearly illustrated with drawings showing exactly how to position the body, head, arms, and feet.

This book provides the exercises and details necessary for aspiring students to continue their education at home, augmenting professional instruction with serious and correct practice. The book includes plenty of specific pointers on bad ballet form verses good style. Also primary is an emphasis on slow and careful development to avoid injury or over stress making these guide books exceptional.


STEPS IN BALLET – presents a clear and simple exposition of beginning ballet technique.
by Thalia Mara
$19.95 (Free Shipping)
Soft Cover. 178 pages. A DANCE HORIZONS BOOK, (new Copyright © 2004) Princeton Book Co., Publishers